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About Allowance: Pay Yourself

What if you could tie monetary incentives to your personal habits?
What if you could pay yourself when you completed your routines?
Could this support you overcome and succeed?
Would you do them then?
Allowance keeps track of the cash you "earn" from completing your routines and habits. This is, of course, your own money. It is cash you let yourself to spend as a reward for completing your goals and routines. It is a method to incentivize your life. (This can also work awesome for parents. See below.)

* Pay yourself -- When you complete the routines you specify, ("make your bed"), reward yourself an allowance ($0.50, for instance). This is a incredible method to motivate yourself to be productive.

* Pay yourself -- Everything you earn is place into a budget "account" which you name, (say "Savings" or "Eating out"). This is a awesome method to tie your spending habits to your productivity. You can have multiple accounts. (These are not connected to a bank account. This is just a really awesome tool for you!)

* Change your habits -- Watch your habits and routines change drastically. The addition of incentive for completing habits will give you just the boost you need to open doing those dishes or making your bed. Completely nothing is needed to start other than a desire to improve.

* Change your habits -- Watch your financial habits change too, as Allowance is a awesome budgeting tool!

* Change your life -- Your life is created up of little habits, and when these are changed for the better, your quality of life may drastically increase. You might just find that you are 1 step closer to becoming the person you wish to become.

# This will also work for parents with children! By simply naming the accounts with the names of the children, (i.e. an acc named "Charlie") you have an effective application that will support you hold track of personal allowances.

# This application supports integration with NFC technology. This is optional and not necessary, but really cool! Write an NFC chip with your habit/routine, and when you complete that routine, scan your phone and claim your allowance! Hence the logo.

What you get:

* An application that will be a boost to your productivity.

* An application that could support you become the person you wish to become.

* Full NFC help -- What's NFC? NFC stands for "Near Field Communication" and is basically a small radio chip about the size of a coin. Hence the logo. The application will let you to encode these with your routines, and with the tap of your phone versus them, claim your allowance on completion! This is awesome to create your routines obvious and simple to remember. NFC is optional.

* Multiple accounts -- Split allowances between multiple accounts. You can save cash at the same time as budget for clothing at the same time as budget for eating out.

* Multiple spaces -- Split routines between multiple locations. You can have some routines set for 1 room and some for another. And if you turn on the NFC setting, you can put these chips in convenient spaces to scan.

* Tracker -- Hold track of how much you've earned both today and all time using the app. A awesome incentive for being productive!

* Comprehensive routine/budgeting software -- Above all, this application will let you to budget cash when you complete your habits and chores. Incredible! 


So why not give it a try? Allowance could be just what you need to improve your habits and life.

"Pay yourself. Change your habits. Change your life!"

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